17 October 2021

Silk Duvet, filled silk Duvets from Pure Silk Duvet. Fast Delivery on Silk Duvets. Multree Stockist.

Silk filled Duvets from Pure Silk Duvet, Summer Silk Duvet, Winter Silk Duvets. We are Silkweb Stockists of the highest quality silk filled duvets encased in silk.

Silkweb™ Silk Duvet
Silkweb™ Silk Duvet
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Dreams start here with a Silkweb® Silk Filled Duvet with Silk Casing......

Pamper yourself and enjoy the natural benefits of silk. Our silk duvets are individually hand made using the finest quality long fibre mulberry silk to ensure the luxury that you deserve.

Our silk duvets have thoughtful design touches such as spiral stitching through the cover to optimise thermal properties whilst maintaining the floss in place, a greyscale embroidered logo on the corner of the duvet to not shine through a duvet cover and the best silk satin casing for ultimate luxury, lightness and durability. 

Summer weight duvets (2-4.5 tog): This is an ideal weight for warm summer nights or for those who prefer to be kept cool.

Spring / Autumn weight duvets (6-9 tog): This is an ideal weight all year round use – they are light enough for summer and warm enough for winter in a centrally heated home.

Relax in the knowledge that you are sleeping with the secrets of silk

  • Filled with the best long fibre Mulberry silk floss
  • Cased in luxury silk satin for the ultimate luxury and lightness
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic Qualities
  • Luxurious soft & extremely light that naturally falls to the contours of your body
  • Resistance to house mites
  • Can combine a summer and autumn duvet together to form a very cosy winter weight using the button and loop system.
  • Cotton bag to store your silkweb® duvet when not in use


Why Choose a Silkweb Silk Duvet?

  1. Simple!! ours are encased in quality luxury silk and NOT cotton. We are in a different league of luxury. We know it costs significantly more but we want to offer the best silk duvet on the market.

  2. Ours are filled with the best AAA grade Mulberry Silk. Look out for cheaper fakes using Wild Silk bleached to go white or mixing in Rayon to fill out the silk floss. Ours are tested.

  3. Hypollaergenic - Because the case and the filling are all silk, a silkweb duvet can really say it is hypoallergenic. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and inhospitable to bed bugs and dust mites. That is why our Silk Duvets are cased in Silk and not cotton.

  4. Comfort - A Silkweb duvet will drape gently over your body and not leave voids ensuring a warm regulated sleep. Silk wicks away moisture and will help your body breathe and not sweat during the night and the lightness of the silk and its case will ensure a peaceful sleep.

  5. Luxury - Our Silk Duvets are hand-made using Mulberry Silk. The silk filament is not unraveled, but rather stretched into a flat tangled web and the layers are gradually built up to form the silk floss and the necessary thickness. We then attach the filling to the outer hem of the silk case and apply a spiral stitch pattern throughout the duvet so that the filling will not move about in the duvet creating hot and cold spots.

As our duvets are cased in high quality silk this also makes them significantly lighter than cotton cased versions.  


We aim to produce the best luxury silk duvet on the market !!

  • We use the finest long fibre AAA grade Mulberry Silk (cheaper products will use lower grade Mulberry silk or even wild silk - Fake products might use Rayon)
  • We use the smoothest silk charmeuse silk for the casing (cheaper products will use cotton)
  • Our duvets are hand made.
  • We carefully layer the silk in a criss-cross manner and then stitch it in place with a spiral pattern in the case
  • We include a zip in our duvet so you can see the glorious silk
  • The case has a thread count of over 400 threads per square inch
  • We've had our duvets tested in the UK to ensure they meet the highest European Standards

Bed Size Guide

Bed size  Duvet 
90 x 190cm
(3' x 6'3")
 140 x 200cm 
(4'6'' x 6'6'')
140 x 190cm
(4'6'' x 6'3'') 
200 x 200cm
(6'6'' x 6'6'') 
150 x 200cm
(5' x 6'6'')
220 x 225cm
(7'2'' x 7'4'') 
 Euro King
160 x 200cm
(5'4" x 6'6'')
 220 x 240cm
(7'2'' x 8'0'') 
Super King
180 x 200cm
(6' x 6'6'') 
220 x 260cm
(7'2'' x 8'6'') 


About Our Silk Duvets

Those nights are now getting longer and cooler. Might be time to think about an Autumn weight duvet. These duvets are suitable for most of the year and benefit from the breathability and lightness of a Pure Silk Duvet.

Relax in the knowledge that you are sleeping with the secrets of silk when you buy a Pure Silk Duvet:-

  • Uses the best pure mulberry silk as the filling
  • Has the super luxiourious silk outer casing, for extra lightness, silky smooth and fully hypo-allergenic unlike a cotton cased silk duvet
  • Choose from summer weight duvet (Approx 2-4.5 tog) or a spring / autumn weight (Approx. 6-9 tog)
  • For those very cold nights, combine a summer and and autumn/spring duvet together to give approx (10.5-13 tog), they have a loop and button to link together
  • Breathable Silk ensures you are Warm in Winter, Cool in summer
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic Qualities
  • Luxurious soft & light that naturally falls to the contours of your body
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