07 August 2020

SIlk Pillowcases | Silk Pillow cases from Silkweb

Silk Pillow cases from Silkweb. These are luxury 100% 19momme silk pillow cases and lots of stunning colours.

Silk Pillow Case

Pair of Silk Pillow Cases
Pair of Silk Pillow Cases
Silkweb logo on pure silk pillowcases Ivory Pillow in Situ Pair of Ivory Pillow Cases
Silk Pillow Cases
(50cm * 70cm)

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Our Range of Pure Oxford Silk Pillow Cases are handcrafted from the finest 100% Pure Crepe Satin Silk with a 2.5 inch border.  A luxurious feel whilst resting your head. They are also ideal for people with sensitive skin and the low friction helps ensure your hair stays beautifully soft.

Each Package contains 2 pillow cases.


Available in our wide selection of colours to match your environment / mood.


7 Glorious Silk Bedding Colours

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Silkweb pure silk bedlinen rangeThe duvet cover is from our premier Silkweb™ range and is made with 19 momme silk with 400 thread count.

Washing Instructions

They are machine washable in a gentle 30 Degree wash.


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