07 August 2020

SIlk Pillowcases | Silk Pillow cases from Silkweb

Silk Pillow cases from Silkweb. These are luxury 100% 19momme silk pillow cases and lots of stunning colours.

Silk Pillow Case

Super Deluxe 22 momme silk Pillow Case
Super Deluxe 22 momme silk Pillow Case
22 momme silk pillowcase 22 momme silk pillowcase with packaging Detail Edging & corner of 22 momme silk pillow cas
70cm * 50cm
Bulk Discount: 2 pieces £55.00


Did you know that sleeping on cotton is one of the five causes of the appearance of wrinkles! That's why Dermatologists recommend silk. 

This single deluxe pillowcase is a housewife style pillowcase made with extra thick quality silk. It has a long lifespan and remains cooler for longer than 19 momme pillowcases. 

Material : 100% mulberry silk, thickness 22 `momme` 
100% Silk satin-weave: Tested in independent textile EU laboratory: 100% real silk. No polyester, no coatings 
Color: Ivory. Undyed, unbleached silk, without chemicals. 

Benefits of 100% silk pillow :-

  • Reduces tangles in your hair
  • Anti-static
  • The operation of silk has been proven by research and is recommended by dermatologists which include Dr. Sobel from New York
  • Hydrating your skin because of the bedding, silk skin's own proteins (amino acids)
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, rosacea and eczema
  • Sleeping on pure silk keeps your hairstyling for longer 
  • No more split ends 
  • Recommended for fragile hair 
  • Shinier hair 
  • Helps perspiration 

What is (mulberry) silk? 

Silk is a 100% natural product, which is commonly woven in a satin weave, as per our Silk Avenue pillowcases. Research shows that silk acts to moisturise the skin. This because of the 18 different amino acids (proteins) in silk with the same pH value as your skin. The 'osmosis in the molecules' of silk make sure that your skin does not dry during sleep. 

What is satin? 

A satin weave is a style of weaving that can be performed with any material. The result is a smooth, sleek, shiny fabric. Satin may be woven from cotton, silk, polyester and other materials. Often we mean by 'satin' satin 100% polyester. Polyester is a plastic made ​​from petroleum. This satin fabric polyester satin is hot. It may not be called pure silk or silk. 

Washing: Machine wash at 30 °C silk programme - or hand wash with silk detergent, we recommend Tenestar



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